Life has such strange ways of bringing you full circle and reconnecting you with relationships from your past. It was pure happenstance that Kari reached out to me regarding her and Jason’s upcoming wedding - despite a shared past, she was unknowing of who I was (my last name has changed after marriage). We both quickly realized that we knew exactly who one another was - she and I went to elementary school together! Back in 4th grade we would hang out on the playground and make up songs for our sure-to-be superstar all girl pop group. Not sure if she remembers that part (or is willing to admit it if she does), but I sure do! She moved away in junior high and we hadn’t seen each other since, but when we got together for coffee to talk about their upcoming wedding, it was like no time had passed. Poor Jason sat politely and listened to our stories (and giggles) while we caught up on one another’s lives. When they told me about their relationship, date nights, and their thoughts on locations for their engagement shoot, I was stoked. I like to keep things casual and relaxed and what they love to do was right up my alley, too! They love low-key nights at their favorite distilleries and breweries. Thanks to the great team at Tattersal Distillery, we were able to sneak in a little before open so that we could get a few shots without interruption. We later headed to their favorite brew lab, Bauhaus and then explored more of NE MPLS.

Their wedding next July is sure to be one for the books at the famous Loring Pasta Bar + Varsity Theater. Seriously can’t wait.